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Save Our Fish

Auburn Chapter Puget Sound Anglers



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We want to welcome you to one of our meetings and a chance to have fun, meet new people, expand your friendship circle, improve your fishing skills and be part of a group that intends to make a difference. Chapter meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of every month.


January 25th General Meeting

Lawrence McCrone, a master docent with the non-profit Friends of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery, will provide a presentation on the life cycle of Pacific salmon, the operations of the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery, and the critical role of volunteers in the various functions of the hatchery.  The primary function of the hatchery is to raise chinook and coho salmon to supplement wild runs, although the hatchery also raises rainbow trout for stocking local lakes and kokanee to try to restore the native populations of this endangered landlocked relative of sockeye salmon.  This hatchery is unique in that it is not only in the middle of a major metropolitan area but it serves as a major educational venue for school children and the general public.

February 22nd  Shelby Ross- Ross Outdoor Adventures,  Potholes Reservoir Fishing Guide - Walleye, Bass, Perch



November Speaker Presentation

Salmon Management Presentation by WDFW Laurie Peterson

Club Events

Brice Ponds release at Flaming Geyser State Park

A big thanks to everyone who helped out this year with the steelhead imprint project this year at Flaming Geyser State Park (pond set-up, feeding, and clean-up and release). The project went very smoothly this year with no major problems. Approximately 12,000 wild brood stock program steelhead were released into Christy Creek on May 17th. See attached video:

Click for Bryce Ponds Youtube Video


We worked with the city of Federal Way to do a kids fishing derby every spring.  The State will provided 2000 fish this year; a discussion of larger fish from Trout Lodge resulted in approval to spend $500 this year for more large fish [approximately 2x as many as last year]. 

May  7th 2016 - Auburn Kids Derby at Mill Pond

Sept 24, 2016 - Carbon River Cleanup

Club Outing was held on November 6-7 which is the "Mike Woods Memorial Outing" on the Humptulips River. Check out the previous years Pictures

Nisqually River Access
The Nisqually River runs through Fort Lewis so it is best to get access to the fort. Access Range Control operates the Area Access office to issue permits and grant non-training access to the Range Complex. The Area Access office is located in Building 4074, at the intersection of Stryker and Kaufman Avenues, JBLM-Main. Go to the visitor center located at exit 120 on I-5. You will need your drivers license, insurance information, and registration for your vehicle. Ask for a pass so that you can go to the Range office. 





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